Advantages of buying bathroom vanity cabinets without tops

First and for most, the personalized appearance is what homeowners are going for. Some may feel that the vanity cabinets with tops they see in stores have this generic look to it. For people who want to create a unique home interior design, buying a vanity cabinet can allow them to personalize their bathroom designs. It’s a nice way to add personal style in the bathroom. It’s also a good way to put in a material that you already have. For example, you have reclaimed wood from your old house or maybe extra granite from the kitchen counter, then this is a good way to incorporate the excess material into the home interior.

When you buy this kind of vanity cabinet, the interior is fitted for generic plumbing. This makes your work easier. Especially when you’re doing your own project, the carved out inside of the vanity makes less work for you. It’ll only be the installation and proper fitting of the top that you’ll have to think about. Another advantage is that when you have your eye on a unique sink design, you can incorporate it in the bathroom interior.

Buying bathroom vanity cabinets without tops provides more options in terms of sink style, color and design. It also gives you the opportunity to create a vanity design that reflects your own style and personality while being gentle on your budget.

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