Bathroom Vanity Cabinets without Tops for DIY Bathroom Interior

The number of home owners buying vanity cabinets without tops is increasing. This could be due to the popularity of DIY projects or this could also be due to the growing personal preferences when it comes to home decorating. Homeowners are feeling more empowered to design and decorate their own homes. With a lot of DIY stores coming out, the materials and resources are endless. This also paves the way for whatever style and design they want for their homes.

People who buy vanity cabinets without tops usually feel that a better counter top would be suitable for their bathroom interior. Instead of the ready-made vanity cabinets bought from stores, they’re willing to buy ones without the top and have it customized with their choice of counter. This way, they can get the style they’re going for, the color that will match the color theme of the bathroom and of course, the sink design they want.

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