German Bathroom Designs

German bathroom might seem unfamiliar for most people in America. A German bathroom has a minimal, functional and less is more design characteristics. Some free standing appliances with wide and cozy wide room which is perfect for relaxing moment are the main elements of this kind of bathroom. Thus, luxury and comfort is what people seek in this kind of bathroom. If comfort and luxury is what you want in your bathroom design, here are some German bathroom design ideas to help you.

One thing that you cannot miss from German bathroom design ideas is a free standing tub in the middle of the bathroom. It’s modern and simple nature, makes it sticks with simple and compact sink and counter which mostly attached to the nearby walls so you have more space which you can use for other purpose in your bathroom. Spaciousness is important and It usually has a big empty space which you can combine with other function such as a lounge in which you can sit while reading or having your relaxing moment.

German bathroom design ideas maximize the use of lighting both natural and artificial in creating the illusion of space. Instead of closed walls, the natural ray of sunlight is in to your bath room by incorporating windows on its sides. A waterproof blinds or stained glass for your windows are other options if you need more privacy in your bathroom. If your bathroom setting does not allow you to have windows to let the natural light in, you can always use artificial light with different setting tricks to give the spaciousness as well as ambience in your German bathroom.

A German bathroom usually has multifunctional purposes both as bathing place and relaxing place. German bathroom design usually has a small lounging chair where you can sit and have your soothing jiffy. Imagine taking a bath while you are relaxing just like in a private spa. If you feel like it, you can even add a bookshelf, TV set, or rug on your German bathroom to give more functions in your bathroom. That is why; this kind of bathroom mostly requires more space than the regular one.

German bathroom design has distinct bathroom appliances models and designs which fits to its multifunctional purposes. Marble and granite sink or tubs are common in a more traditional design. For more modern German bathroom design, you can choose to have a modern contemporary tub for your to give an up to date charm in your bathroom. Combine dark and bright colors in your design to give its needed sharp edges and sleek look. Browse for some products of bath tubs and sinks in the net or stores to give you more ideas on what to choose for your German bathroom.

Although it is closely related to modernity, a German bathroom can appear classical too. Adding a classical bath tub in the middle of it can change the look of a modern bathroom. Classic white bath tub with legs and classic faucets and sink combined with classic mirror design will be perfect for your classic German bathroom design.

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