How to find the best bathroom curtains for windows

Proper measurements – You will never be able to find the perfect bathroom curtains for windows if you do not take proper measurements. So before you head out to get the curtains, measure the bathroom window panels, the length of the window and the height of the window. Then, if you are buying readymade curtains, measure the curtains at the store and make sure they match with the windows of the bathroom. This is an important way to ensure that you have the perfect curtains for your bathroom window.

Matching the curtains – You should also make sure that the window curtains match the shower curtains. If the bathroom shower and window curtains are too mismatched, it will make the place look clumsy and disorderly. You can also match the curtains with the color scheme of the bathroom. So if you have a red bathroom, get the curtains in shades of red as well.

Waterproofing – It is always a wise idea to have waterproof window curtains in the bathroom. This is because the curtains will be constantly exposed to water. If you buy the curtains in a material that cannot withstand getting wet, very soon they will be ruined and you have to rush and replace them.

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