Japanese Bathroom Designs

A Japanese bathroom is the epitome of human’s civilization which can combine both modern and traditional in one beautiful and everlasting design. Tradition is well kept in the basic elements of it while implementing technology to make the practice of tradition easier than ever. If you are looking for a nice bathroom with these characteristics, here are some Japanese bathroom design clues for you.

A Japanese bathroom design needs a furo or a deep tub used for soaking. A furo in Japanese culture is very important both for cleaning up purpose and bonding purpose. Families usually have a big furo which can accommodate at least two people in side for father and son to bath together while washing their back. Nowadays, the design of furo is various ranged from a traditional manual heating or the ones with automatic heating system. Traditional furo is usually made of materials which can keep warmth longer than the more modern ceramic or granite furo. Woods are especially chosen for it in the past but nowadays technology has solved this problem.

A Japanese bathroom design must have a water heater. Japanese like their water hot and they prefer to have it warmed whenever they need it. In more traditional houses firewood is used and water is heated manually while in a more modern one, an advanced heating system is implemented. Adjusting the temperature according to their preferences for shower before they soak can easily be done by electronic fine tuning water system nowadays. Just simply punch in a number in centigrade to do it.

Hygiene is essential in Japanese bathroom design, thus a separate compartment for the toilet is required. Otherwise, it is disgusting. A small compartment nearby it is installed to separate furo from toilet. Even toilet has become very advanced in Japan. A more modern high-tech Japanese bathroom even have heated and cushy toilet seat and washlet seat for cleanliness and comfort. A remote control or panels beside the seat controls the spray and temperature according to your need.

Since hygiene is essential in Japanese bathroom design, a furo is not used for soaking up and rinsing. It is solely for soaking purpose only. That is why the water in the furo is rarely changed in a day and only reheated when it is needed. The soaping and rinsing is done nearby the furo which is accommodated with small chairs or seats and a shower. In this area, bathing utensils are kept with water scope or basin to soak the body.

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