Medicine cabinets recessed and other strategies to make modern home interior

Modern style of decorating a home in one word is simple. One look at a home interior with this style and you immediately think the interior is uncomplicated. When adding home décor, don’t overdo it. First thing you do when decorating is to un-clutter the space.

Choose furniture that has clean lines. It doesn’t necessarily have to match, you can still pull off a modern look with different pieces but make sure you choose pieces that complement each other. When arranged in the room, make sure they create enough space for traffic. Don’t allow it to create dead spaces. An example is the space between a couch and wall that is too narrow or small for passing through.

Try to find functional home décor. The idea with modern decorating is that you’re not removing functional things in the home interior. You’re simply finding décor or home accessories that have dual purpose. For example, a wall clock with unique designs can serve as a wall décor as well. When decorating a home or a room, every element counts. It’s not only the decorations that count as something decorative. In the bathroom, even medicine cabinets recessed mirrors can be part of the bathroom décor.

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