Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trends in Bathroom Interiors

With the hustle and bustle in the outside world, we’re gearing our homes to be more than just a haven. A lot of designers are creating home interiors that can provide maximum relaxation to homeowners. Indoor heated swimming pools, Jacuzzi, sauna and others are becoming a part of most luxury homes.

Keeping up with the latest trends in bathroom interiors will prove this to you. The more bathrooms a house have, the higher the value of the house. Homeowners are upgrading rooms and outfitting them with their own bathrooms with soaking tubs and heated floors. Polling several remodeled homes around the world, here’s what’s trending in terms of home bathroom interiors.

Latest trends in bathroom interiors:

We don’t fetch water in buckets anymore. Large airy showers are the trend. In small houses with small bathrooms, a lot of homeowners are removing the tub to expand the shower. There’s an increase the size of the stall. The end-result is that you get a more spacious shower area. It’s airy and less cramped. The effect of using glass walls also help make the space look wider. However, there’s an increase in usage for hinged and heavier doors. This imitates the usual interior of spas.

More people are replacing their Jacuzzis to regular soaking tubs. Jacuzzis are noisy due to the water being propelled from tubes. Most homeowners who have Jacuzzis are replacing it to regular soaking tubs. It occupies less space since traditional Jacuzzi designs have a surrounding deck. The soaking tubs are deep and insulated. Victoria + Albert have these kinds of products.

Making use of natural light is trending, not only in the bathroom but for most of the rooms in the house. It’s energy efficient and more environment-friendly. Larger windows are being made in the bathrooms. Sky windows are also gaining popularity as it brings in a lot more light and helps create an airy bathroom interior.

Lastly, steam baths are also picking up the trend. A lot of people are enjoying the effects of steam at the end of the day. It’s relaxing and helps de-stress so steam rooms are popular. It’s basically a separate room with air-tight doors and normally a sloping ceiling to help drain water and one of the latest trends in bathroom interiors.

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